Do we actually know what we want

Hii …This is my first post I don’t know how did I land up in this platform but I just thought I needed something a place where I could tell share my thought’s

Here is one thought which came into my mind. Do we actually know what we want what makes us happy which people makes us happy or we are just there trying to be happy because I realized that being happy and trying to be happy these two things are different like very much different

We always try to be happy with the things that surrounds us maybe its your job or people around you, we look for the happiness in the things but don’t you think happiness is about feeling happy not finding a happiness.

Today I watched a movie..I think a great one also while watching this movie I understand one thing that all our life people tell us to do is compromise they think compromise is key for any kind of happinesses weather it is leading a good life, a married life,or even if its related to your career, but I think is not true by compromising you are giving up your own happiness and then what we do is finding a happiness…And how will you get that happiness because the things which you have compromise or adjusted for other’s was the only things that was giving you happiness , to live life to the fullest..don’t you think?

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