What is overthinking? Have we ever thought why we overthink, No.

Over thinking is the root of the problem because sometimes the problem is not that big that it seems to but because we are overthinking we didn’t find a solution to the issue…

I have seen people thinking so much about the problem and onto that always thinking about the worst possible situation, Is it really needed to think that much and then get stuck in that problem

Another issue is ANXIETY…most of the time over thinking leads to anxiety. It is an problem which is so common now in young generation that almost out of 10 people 4 people suffer from anxiety issues and that to because of negative thinking attitude and overthinking

It is always the best to deal with any problem with a positive attitude because at least we are trying to make things better by dealing it with positivity rather than looking at it with a negative attitude and never find a solution. I read this book in which there was a written a great line ‘ Don’t run away from problem the more you run the bigger that problem becomes and the more you deal the smaller the problem becomes.This single line always motivates me to deal with any issue in my life …


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