Nothing lasts forever!

As the phrase say ‘Nothing lasts forever’

We are always running even though we don’t observe ourself but we are running it’s like you are trying to catch everything that you can hold but in the end we forget to enjoy the very moment’s which are priceless and maybe they might never come in our life again

Today i just observe myself and I found out that I am running so much that I lost some very beautiful experiences and then I realized they are not gonna come back .I was so busy heading towards what I want that some beautiful memories which I would have made I couldn’t make it

So now, Here I have started to live in the moment which I am spending with the people around me and make good memories with them .people say very truly that live in the moment who knows what will happen next..No one know what will happen in the very next moments so don’t you think its always better to stay in the moment although we must try to achieve what we want but don’t run towards that goal forgetting everything because even though you achieve the goal you were unable to enjoy the journey to the goal.

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