What is happiness?

Happiness is the feeling of joy, satisfaction,contentment.Don’t you think?

But are we happy?

Have we ever asked ourself this question.

I think No,we haven’t ask this question to ourself otherwise you think we have been pretty much doing things that we always wanted to do as compare to doing thing’s that others wanted us to do.

We should ask ourself this question because our own soul will answer to that question.we should be happy for what life is all about.

How do you show your happiness – I think just by smiling, Smiling is one of the best thing we have got by nature . people don’t know the power of smiling.

Just by smiling we can make other smile,happy, by our smile we can give confidence to others, we can make someone believe that something good will happen .it is such a positive gesture. we should always smile as smile is the one thing that you can do in any circumstance even if you are sad, stress,dealing with any problem in life,Just smile and say everything will be okay its just another day it has taught you something so just keep smiling.

“Nothing you wear is more important than you smile”- Connie Stevens

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