Trust yourself

What does it mean to trust?

Not on others but on ourself, as a human being we have the ability to trust others but what about the trust which should be on ourself.

We are so involved in trusting other people ,I am not saying that don’t trust people who are close to you , what I am saying is that as much as we trust others we should also trust on our mind amd heart.

Most of the time what we want we can gain by just believing on ourselves because that is the easy way to trust and you can’t lie to your own mind and heart.

By believing we are giving every authority to ourselves to do what we want in our lives. When we don’t trust on our heart and mind we have losing the opportunity to have things that we wanted and then we regret things.

We have so much potential but what we are lacking is trusting ourself.

Once we start doing that there is nothing that we can’t achieve


What are scars??

I think Scars are the definition of our pain and the heart break we have been through.

In our lives there are few moments where our closest people hurt you whatever the reason is but those things left us with the scars on our heart.even if they are invisible we know they are there ready to be opened again so that whatever pain we have suffered we will experience it again

But, Why let our scars be open for anyone so that anyone can come open them a leave, leaving us to suffer.

No because we can’t let other people decide to hurt us , we are our own healer we don’t need someone to assure us ,give advise to us , be with us, our own mind is our healer , our supporter.we don’t need just me any my own soul for my heart to heal.


What do you think what competition is?

In this life that we have got, why we always forget to cherish it.

We have been so engrossed in the competition that we have really forgotten to live a life.

Why is that huh, why we always compare ourself with others,don’t you think we are just loosing our confidence by comparing life with others

Each and every person is different and each and every person has something that other’s don’t have,why we want all that others have.can’t we just cherish things which are there in our life and live the life the way we want.

Competition is something that has been taught to us from the start, we have been taught to compete to be better than others.

But why on one taught us how to be better than we have been before.don’t you think this little thing can make a difference in our life

So that we can be our own better version each time and at the same time we can live life the way we want not the others who are just molding us to be someone we have never have wanted to be.

Competition is something that is needed to be done by ourself not by others.


– S.Eliakim


What is happiness?

Happiness is the feeling of joy, satisfaction,contentment.Don’t you think?

But are we happy?

Have we ever asked ourself this question.

I think No,we haven’t ask this question to ourself otherwise you think we have been pretty much doing things that we always wanted to do as compare to doing thing’s that others wanted us to do.

We should ask ourself this question because our own soul will answer to that question.we should be happy for what life is all about.

How do you show your happiness – I think just by smiling, Smiling is one of the best thing we have got by nature . people don’t know the power of smiling.

Just by smiling we can make other smile,happy, by our smile we can give confidence to others, we can make someone believe that something good will happen .it is such a positive gesture. we should always smile as smile is the one thing that you can do in any circumstance even if you are sad, stress,dealing with any problem in life,Just smile and say everything will be okay its just another day it has taught you something so just keep smiling.

“Nothing you wear is more important than you smile”- Connie Stevens


What are choices?

They are the decision that we make or things we choose for ourself or for other’s

Don’t you think it’s difficult to make choice’s unless one is very much cleared about them. Well I think that’s true sometime few choices ,some decision are so hard to take that we doubt our own self for it.

But, Choice’s are the most important things that are granted to us by nature. The ability to think wise and to choose what we want is the best gift that nature could have given us. We are the only one who can take decision for our lives and how we want our life to be .No one can take that power from you because we are the makers of our life.

Another thing is we should always stay honest with ourself, if we are the one who is not honest,then how come we expect other to be honest with you because unless you don’t know what you want how come other people will know about it.

Don’t you think being honest about our feeling’s and about everything in life is more important as much as being honest with other people?

So, Choose wisely, don’t make choice’s because of someone.

Its your choice if you are happy with it then it doesn’t need to make sense to anybody else.

Liking by others!

Don’t you think that being in a place we think that everyone should like us ,that everyone should talk to us

Why? Sometimes we are so busy by doing things for the other people who might not even consider you for anything that we lose ourselves because of them.

Don’t you think the most important thing is that we should like our own self rather than doing something for other people so that they can like you,talk to you, listen to you.don’t loose the essence of you being yourself because you are your very own kind no one will be like you ,no one can be like you..So just love yourself don’t change for someone so that the someone can like you…Don’t you think its better?


What is complaining? and what are we complaining about ,why are we complaining

I ask myself a question why people complain about there life,anything going on in there life or others life.The answer I got was that people are not satisfied of things which are there in their life,

We as human are always hungry for more for better and when we are unable to get that we starts complaining about that thing , because of this we forget what good has happen in our own life and never appreciate it.

This is how we get the irritation ,frustration,saddness,disappointment because we were looking what is not in our lives rather than looking for what good is in there.we should stop complaining and accepting our lives the way they are and it’s us who makes our own life why compare and complain when we can be the builder the creater of our own life.

Nothing lasts forever!

As the phrase say ‘Nothing lasts forever’

We are always running even though we don’t observe ourself but we are running it’s like you are trying to catch everything that you can hold but in the end we forget to enjoy the very moment’s which are priceless and maybe they might never come in our life again

Today i just observe myself and I found out that I am running so much that I lost some very beautiful experiences and then I realized they are not gonna come back .I was so busy heading towards what I want that some beautiful memories which I would have made I couldn’t make it

So now, Here I have started to live in the moment which I am spending with the people around me and make good memories with them .people say very truly that live in the moment who knows what will happen next..No one know what will happen in the very next moments so don’t you think its always better to stay in the moment although we must try to achieve what we want but don’t run towards that goal forgetting everything because even though you achieve the goal you were unable to enjoy the journey to the goal.


What is overthinking? Have we ever thought why we overthink, No.

Over thinking is the root of the problem because sometimes the problem is not that big that it seems to but because we are overthinking we didn’t find a solution to the issue…

I have seen people thinking so much about the problem and onto that always thinking about the worst possible situation, Is it really needed to think that much and then get stuck in that problem

Another issue is ANXIETY…most of the time over thinking leads to anxiety. It is an problem which is so common now in young generation that almost out of 10 people 4 people suffer from anxiety issues and that to because of negative thinking attitude and overthinking

It is always the best to deal with any problem with a positive attitude because at least we are trying to make things better by dealing it with positivity rather than looking at it with a negative attitude and never find a solution. I read this book in which there was a written a great line ‘ Don’t run away from problem the more you run the bigger that problem becomes and the more you deal the smaller the problem becomes.This single line always motivates me to deal with any issue in my life …



What are difficulties…

They are the things that makes you stronger because they are the only things which came into your life to improve you,they teach us lessons which is going to be benifical for you

Crying doesn’t solve any problem the more you think about the problems the more they get bigger, the problems are not bigger its just the way we saw it, so its better to face the problem rather than running away from it.

Whatever it is ,how much it is painful always face it and learn something from it so you won’t be suffering that pain again in the life …..

Always be Strong