What we want

Do we know that what things we want in our life…like do we really really know what we want

I don’t know, we never looked at the fact that what we want its has always been what is needed or what will make our life go easier whether that thing makes you happy or not that is not the concern of us. Don’t you think that is a real concern because we are just trying to make our life go easier by doing things that are needed not because you want them.

Do we know ourself…Probably not that much.have we ever thought who we are what things we like what things makes us happy by doing what we will feel happy. We are just trying to make people around us happy but what about our own happiness. Its really hard to make everyone happy,and probably you are never going to succeed in it so its always better to make yourself happy because that important its our life we really need to think how to our own self happy.

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