What are choices?

They are the decision that we make or things we choose for ourself or for other’s

Don’t you think it’s difficult to make choice’s unless one is very much cleared about them. Well I think that’s true sometime few choices ,some decision are so hard to take that we doubt our own self for it.

But, Choice’s are the most important things that are granted to us by nature. The ability to think wise and to choose what we want is the best gift that nature could have given us. We are the only one who can take decision for our lives and how we want our life to be .No one can take that power from you because we are the makers of our life.

Another thing is we should always stay honest with ourself, if we are the one who is not honest,then how come we expect other to be honest with you because unless you don’t know what you want how come other people will know about it.

Don’t you think being honest about our feeling’s and about everything in life is more important as much as being honest with other people?

So, Choose wisely, don’t make choice’s because of someone.

Its your choice if you are happy with it then it doesn’t need to make sense to anybody else.

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